Operational Strategy

Decide on collective objectives, and the means to achieve them
At EVOLIUM Consulting, we believe that the defining strategic advantage is speed, and that is why our approach is both “top down” and “bottom up”.
From the beginning of our interventions, we mobilize the people of the company who will be responsible for the implementation. We work iteratively, we highlight ideas and internal talents, we feed the reflection with facts, figures and testimonies, of internal and external origin. We create and animate moments of crystallization of ideas and decision-making.
We create the collective commitment to excellence.
EVOLIUM Consulting advises its clients on the following issues:
• Data Based Value: optimization, transformation and disruption based on optimal use of company data and its environment,
• Digital as a threat and an opportunity: review the business model, the objectives and the allocation of resources with regard to the digital sensitivity of the activity (market context, internal context), build a reliable and effective roadmap.
• New offers, new markets: innovate and challenge ideas, target the right growth opportunities, invest in the right subjects, analyze the value chain, review segmentation, benchmark, carry out market studies,
• Strategic agility: making speed a competitive advantage, accelerating decision-making and implementation processes,
• Strategic formulation: challenge the current vision, create a new strategic plan, federate the management committee around a new business plan,
• Strategic execution: define the roadmap, mobilize key players, steer with the right information.

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