Our spirit

DNA, independence, responsibility, sustainable / sustainable / measurable / tangible results, innovation, partnership, entrepreneurship, transformation, commitment, optimization, respect, operational, singularity, the man at the heart of value creation, humility, excellence, complexity, tailor-made, pragmatism, breakthroughs, partner, trust, values, commitment, culture, performance, operational solutions, large groups, proximity, transformation, change…

We – consulting firms in strategy, management, organization – all use the same words

We – Evolium Consulting – it is on a daily basis, with our customers as around coffee, that we practice our profession

And we keep it simple and embody two other, rarer words: USEFULNESS and PLEASURE.
We are USEFUL because the economic situation requires it because the competition is made in such a way that a strategic choice can make you stand out from the others, we exercise our DUTY OF ADVICE at the service of our customers, in all sectors of activity .
The exercise of our profession rhymes with PLEASURE – yours and ours – because we practice THE ART OF MOBILIZATION – participatory advice, hand-in-hand construction – wherever you need it.

The proof ? This is what each of our consultants had the merit of hearing

“After you, at least, it’s not a field of ruins!”
“Finally, you do as well as XXX, but simpler”
“When we know you, we want to work with you again”
“Use us as your mouthpiece, you’re not as well known as you should be”

how can we help you?

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Evolium Algeria really helped us achieve our financial goals. The slick presentation along with fantastic readability ensures that our financial standing is stable.

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Sales Director, Company 2

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