IT governance

Many of our projects include a significant change in what is known as the information system, that is to say, in this case, essentially all or part of the applications. Some projects, for which we provide delegated project management, are even essentially focused on changing a major application (ERP, TMS, etc.).
However, the IT function is also going through its own transformation projects.
Improve security and IT urbanization, improve productivity, benchmark, significantly change hardware, reduce dependence on external service providers, improve processes with project management assistance and/or trades, carry out technical migrations, version upgrades, etc. So many projects that give rise to consulting assignments, particularly in IT governance.
But here it is: the perimeter of the IT function becomes porous. Indeed, the IT function is today facing major strategic changes that can be grouped into three types of transformation:
• the “cloud”, which ipso facto raises the question of sharing its IT urbanization with a third-party partner and which, beyond that, raises the question of the medium-term strategic development of its entire information system. What will be outsourced? reinternalized? with whom ? what modus operandi with its partners? etc….
• the “social networks” which are becoming increasingly important in the company, beyond communication but which often escape, in whole or in part, from the IT function.
• “big data” which very often concerns marketing and/or management control functions and whose IT issues are often too isolated from business practices.
These major changes carry in themselves mission topics for our consultants, specialized in IT governance.
And beyond these major transformations of the IT function, the question of IT governance is raised: what is an IT department in five years? What roles? What sharing of tasks with the business departments? Which budgetary decision-making processes? What new cartography of service providers? etc
The front page is now heavily occupied by the company’s financial issues – and we understand why – but the coming years will see very significant transformations in the company, the sources of which will be these major developments in the IT function.
This is why EVOLIUM Consulting is positioning its offer on this strong evolution of the IT function, backed by the experience and expertise of its consultants, particularly in IT governance subjects.

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